Finishing Touches

Finishing touches can make or break the overall impact of a bathroom or kitchen; get them wrong and they can undo all the hard work put into the project so far, but get them right and they will move your room on to the next level.


Our bathroom and kitchen furniture is tailor-made to maximise the space, be it with a free standing or wall-mounted design, built-in units or clever storage solutions.

Available in a selection of designs, colours, shapes and styles, our versatile range of furniture can enhance both contemporary and traditional bathrooms or kitchens and complete the look you’ve been yearning for.


It’s the little details that can either complete the look or destroy it altogether, so they can’t be overlooked. Although they won’t be upfront and centre in your mind when first commissioning us to install your bathroom or kitchen, we can ensure the accessories don’t get forgotten about as part of the overall design.

So, to create a bathroom or kitchen that leaves nothing to chance and delivers on all fronts, contact Plumb It All on 0161 231 0205 to book a home survey or ask for advice, or visit our impressive Cheshire showroom for inspiration.

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Walls and floors

The walls and floors can be the stand out element of any bathroom or kitchen. Homeowners often agonise over which tiles to choose and rightly so as they can bring the room to life and emphasise its quality.

At Plumb It All we have an outstanding array of tiles, vinyl flooring, carpets, wooden boards and laminated wallboards. We’re more than happy to talk through these options with you in order to create a finish that encapsulates your style and your home’s personality.


Lighting is really important as it can help to set the tone and convey its character. If your bathroom or kitchen have assets you’re proud of then why not accentuate them through clever lighting?

LED lighting, subtle lighting, recessed lighting, illuminated mirrors and strategically placed spotlights for floors and walls are just some of the light solutions you can choose from at Plumb It All.